SNHB’s Woodlands Township comes to life

The Swaziland National Housing Board’s (SNHB) house construction project at Woodlands Township in Mbabane is at an advanced stage.
Consequently, they anticipate handing over some of the first batch of houses to buyers very soon.According to the SNHB’s original work plan, the organisation expects that each contractor will be ready to hand over at least two houses.

Construction of houses
Construction in the township started in July 2011 after severalcontractors were awarded contracts to build 7 houses each on registered plots acquired by several Swazi citizens. 28 houses were tendered for construction at the commencement of the project and 5more have been added, giving a total of 33 houses. The Board has recently sold vacant plots to interested individuals who will engage their own contractors to construct their residential houses. This leaves approximately 50 plot/house combination available in the market.

House type packages offered
By understanding the needs of its marketing niche, the SNHB has offered 8 different house types of 2 and 3 bedroom houses. There are 6 single and 2 double storey house type designs.They feature open floor plans, which are the most popular and sought-after house plans available today. The Board has augmented its offer by providing standard and improved package specifications to suite the customer’s pocket. The standard package comes as a basic house with a fitted kitchen and bathrooms, whereas the improved package offers a wide range of finishes. That’s not all, the SNHB also allows customers to customize the houses according to their needs, obviously at an extra cost.

To secure the desired property, contact the Sales and Marketing Department at 2404 5610/3, 24046335 or visit our offices at Dlan’ubeka Building 3rd Floor in Mbabane and see how we can open doors for you to own property on prime land.