If settling your SNHB account has been a dreary task to this point, then experience ease of mind as Finance department has made paying for your SNHB account easier through giving you more options and guaranteeing faster service. 
To pay your account, simply:
•    Walk into any of our revenue offices and settle your outstanding bill.  Revenue offices can be found at the ground floor Dlanubeka Building in Mbabane and at the Matsapha Facilities / Maintenance offices.
•    Pay online through an electronic transfer and forward the transaction confirmation slip (proof of payment) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . The reference should be your SNHB account number. Please contact the Accounts Officer (Debtors) at 2405 5000 to get the banking details.
•    To make a cheque payment, authorisation first needs to be obtained from the Debtors section in the Finance department as no cheques will be accepted by the tellers without being pre-approved. A cheque pre-approval form must be filled in and sent to Jabu Zikalala. This form can be found in the downloadable forms section and at any of the revenue offices.

NB: Rent is payable in advance i.e. on the 1st of each month.


To ensure that its tenants keep track of their rentals, SNHB maintains a consistent billing system guaranteeing that all resident tenants get their updated bills at the end of each month.  This system also enables our accounts department to monitor defaulting clients and follow up on late payments.
If you have reservations on your account or are uncertain of the veracity of the amount reflected on your monthly statement simply contact our Debtors section in the Finance Department and we will gladly assist you.

Responsibility for the maintenance of SNHB properties lies with both SNHB and the tenant.  SNHB responsibilities are largely with regards to maintaining the structural elements of the units within the estates and ensuring the premises are kept in pristine conditions.  

As SNHB is mainly responsible for the maintenance of its structures, it makes every effort to ensure that maintenance queries are addressed without delay.  We are currently improving our maintenance procedures to guarantee increased efficiency and competent delivery of quality professional services.

Tenants are, however, expected to report any defects to units within fourteen days of moving into the unit allocated to them; failure to do so implies that the premises leased out are in a good state of repair and the tenant shall be responsible for any defects upon vacating the allocated unit save for normal wear and tear.  In line with this, it is the responsibility of the tenant to report damaged property that needs maintenance, repair property damaged due to negligence and ensure that property is not vandalized during their residency.   

Reporting a Maintenance Issue?
Residents can  report a maintenance issue by leaving detailed information about the fault being at the Mbabane Estates Office for units within Mbabane or the Matsapha Estates Office for units within Matsapha.

A job card is filled from the point at which the report is lodged and a qualified artisan and foreman work expediently to rectify the fault.  Upon completion of the job, the tenant is sought to attest that the issue has been rectified.  As a final quality control check the tenant, artisan and foreman inspect the work before signing off the job card indicating successful rectification of the fault reported.

Following up on a maintenance report?
We, at SNHB, commit ourselves to bringing distinct services that conform to the highest levels of excellence and delivery assuring our tenants that we will adhere to the strictest turnaround times so to follow up on your maintenance query contact us at the Matsapha Estates Office or the Mbabane Estates Office to follow up on your maintenance queries.

Adherence to rules and regulations:
At SNHB our tenants are our priority and we strive to create and maintain a conducive environment for their livelihoods.  To make the environment within the estates conducive for all tenants, all residents are expected to adhere to conduct prescribed within their lease agreements.  Failure to do this has serious repercussions as deviations from the accepted conduct are unacceptable.  Offending tenants are given three warnings and appear before a disciplinary committee if their conduct continues to be troublesome whilst failure to adjust behavior accordingly will lead to eventual eviction.
To view SNHB Tenancy Rules & Regulations
Safety and Security:
SNHB has introduced estate security services from October 2007 using private security companies to ensure the safety and security of its tenants and their collective welfare.  Working on a yearly contract to ensure continuous efficiency, the security companies are mandated to guard against crime within the estates and their institution has seen the levels of crime ground to a near halt.

Sub-letting/ Granting Occupation of Premises:
It is prohibited for any tenant to sub-let or grant occupation of the unit leased to him/her without the consent of SNHB under all circumstances.  The lease agreement governing the tenant’s terms of residency does not extend to any other person besides the tenant hence sub-letting is illegal and upon leaving the unit, tenants should surrender the unit and not grant occupation to any other persons as this is in violation of the terms of the lease agreement.