Mabuya Township : A serene residential area just for you!

Mabuya Township : A serene residential area just for you!

LOCATION MAP The Swaziland National Housing Board has developed a new Township, Mabuya Towship, situated within Ngwenya Town, approximately 2-3 km from the Border and only 18km away from Mbabane. The Township is accessed through the off-ramp road from the MR3 road towards Ngwenya Village. The site is fully serviced and holds 98 residential plots with an average size of 552m2.

SNHB Offers affordable rental units

SNHB Offers affordable rental units

The SNHB offers affordable residential units in secure and peaceful surroundings in Mbabane and Matsapha. Our residential portfolio in both the capital city of Mbabane and the industrial town, Matsapha comprises of over 1 000 units. We are proud to say that since inception, we have developed residential units in Mbabane, which are fully let out to locals, most of whom work within the urban parameters of Mbabane. These units are spread across Mbabane’s suburbia and its townships. Our Matsapha...

Nkhanini Township : A new exciting development down south

Nkhanini Township : A new exciting development down south

Nkhanini Township is situated 3km from Nhlangano Town Centre and is adjacent to the Nhlangano Correctional Services.  The township is along the Nhlangano/Mahamba public road overlooking Mathendele Township Extension 6. SNHB offers five different house types for this development. Prospective buyers also have the opportunity of developing their properties with house concepts of their choice. To date, four demo houses are being constructed on site to give a potential buyer an actual feel of the ho...

Thembelisha Estate

SNHB takes pride in yet another successful estate development in the Ezulwini Valley.  The Estate is tucked in the heart of Ezulwini, just behind the Royal Villas.  It is along the link road between Codec and Ezulwini Town Board at the edge of the u-bend.  This offering was specifically meant for the up-class market in society.  It was well received and well-articulated to meet the unprecedented market.  It was the first of its kind for SNHB to tap into the high-end property market in March...

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The Swaziland National Housing Board (SNHB) welcomes you to its official website and further thanks you for showing interest in our organisation.

At SNHB, we strive to build sustainable Swazi communities through ensuring the continuous development of prime residential developments.

We have been marked a trendsetter in the property business, both in the real estate and private ownership of new homes. This follows our success over the years in building affordable yet sustainable human settlements in the urban areas of the Kingdom of Swaziland.

To date, the parastatal manages commercial and residential estates in Matsapha and Mbabane. Our Matsapha Estate accommodates 580 families and has a commercial centre within the estate. Our estates spread across the Capital City of Mbabane are located within a 7km radius, accommodating 505 families, as well as a newly developed townhouse development at Mbangweni. The parastatal also manages 3 commercial centres in Mbabane.

We trust you will find the website informative!

Woodlands Township Ext 2

Woodlands Township Extension 2